Georgian National Museum. Signagi Museum Historical (local) Museums

Museum address: Signagi Municipality, 1, Tamar Mepe str., Signagi
Date of establishment of the museum: 1947
Legal status of the museum: Since 2007 unified the Legal Entity under Public Law (LEPL) – Georgian National Museum under the governmental control of Ministry of Culture, Sport and Youth of Georgia
Museum type (profile): Historical
Quantity of stored items: 60 000

Museum collection description: Signagi Museum was established in 2007. It is the first high standard museum in Georgia.Signagi Museum exhibits Archeology, Ethnography and Medieval expositions. The first archeological digs in Georgia are affiliated with the Caucasus Museum founded in 1852. Intensive archeological activities started in Kakheti in the 60-ies of the 20th c. Majority of the unearthed items such as household and cultic articles ranging in time from the Stone Age to the 1st c. BC, are now displayed at the Signagi Museum. Signagi Museum features diverse ethnographic material: musical instruments, weapons, vestments and items reflecting the lifestyle of this town. Medieval exposition features samples of the 4th-18th cc. city life from the settlements of eastern Iberia such as Beri, Rustavi, Khoranta, Nekresi, Khornabuji, Gavazi, Areshi, Gremi, and Bazari.Special place at the Medieval exposition is granted to archeological finds from David Gareja monastic complex. Signagi Museum exhibits 16 paintings by Niko Pirosmanashvili. Pirosmani was born in Kakheti’s village of Mirzaani, therefore early period of his artistic career is affiliated with Kakheti.

Working hours: Everyday except Monday, 10.00 – 18.00
Ticket price: Teacher, military person/policeman – 1 GEl.,  Schoolchildren and Students, pensioner – 0.50 GEL., Adults – 7 GEL.
Free admission: Children up to age of 6; Georgian and Foreign Museum staff, ICOM members (cardholders with ID), people with disabilities (upon presentation of valid ID), refugees.

Exhibitions: Periodical exhibition of different collections in Georgia and in foreign countries museums. There is also a temporary exhibition hall, where in 2009 an exhibition of works by Pablo Picasso was organized, and in 2010 an exhibition of paintings from Western Europe from the treasures of the Georgian National Museum. 2021 On November 5, the exhibition of non-conformist artists “Freedom Inspired Art” opened.
Educational Programmes: The Georgian National Museum created the Department of Educational Programmes in 2005 which are focus on the Museum collections (E-mail:, phone: (+995 593) 328 345
Publications: Museum catalogues and booklets

Total space of the museum: 2000 m2
Display space: 500 m2
Temporary exhibition: 260 m2
Storage space: 20 m2