Rustavi Historical Museum Historical (local) Museums

Museum address: Rustavi Municipality, 17, Mshenebelta str. Rustavi
Date of establishment of the museum: 1950
Legal status of the museum: Non-entrepreneurial (non-commercial) legal entity Rustavi Municipality Culture Centre
Museum type (profile): Historical
Quantity of stored items: 23 623

Museum collection description: The museum houses objects, discovered in archaeological expeditions in Rustavi and its historical area (Gardabani district) and represents time period from the XVIII c. B.C. up to XVIII A.D. (earthenware, faience, glassware, weapons, implements; bronze, silver and gold adornments, local and foreign cornelian and stone seals, etc.)

Working hours:  Everyday, except Monday, 10.00 – 18.00
Ticket price:  Schoolchildren and students – 0.50 GEL., Adults – 1 GEL.
Free admission: Children up to age of 6; Georgian and Foreign Museum staff, ICOM members (cardholders with ID), people with disabilities (upon presentation of valid ID), refugees..

Expositions: “Exhibition of Rustavi artists”, “Ia Mgebrishvili personal exhibition”, “New Images- exhibition of young artists”, “New archaeological discovery”
Educational programmes: “Quiz: Let’s be aware history of our city”,   “First city in Rustavi territory, “History of defense buildings”, “History of weapons”, Sunday school: “practical archaeology and great archaeological discoveries”
Publication: Museum triplet (Georgian-English)

Total space of the museum: 2072.29 m²
Display space: 1000 m²
Temporary exhibitions: 75 m²
Storage space:  500 m²
Museum library: 19 m²