Great Mtskheta State Archaeological Museum-Reserve Historical (local) Museums

Museum-Reserve address: Mtskheta Municipality, 51, David Agmashenebeli str., Mtskheta
Date of establishment of the museum-reserve: 1955
Legal status of the museum-reserve: Legal Entity under Public Law (LEPL) Since 2008 unified in the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia under the governmental control of Ministry of Culture and Monuments Protection of Georgia
Museum-Reserve type (profile): Historical
Quantity of stored items: 23 000

Museum-Reserve collection description: The archeological museum of the museum-reserve preserves the BC. წ. From the IV millennium to the X-XII centuries. Dated artefacts, antique goldsmith and glass collections, samples reflecting the daily life of ancient Mtskheta. The museum-reserve is a part of: the residence of the kings of Kartli (III century BC) -Armaztsikhe (Bagineti), the residence of the kings of Iberia – Pityakhshebi – Armaziskhevi (Sakhsku complex, bath, tombs of Pityakhshebi – II-III centuries) Samtavro Samtavro II millennium BC – VIII century) mausoleum-type tomb (I century).

Working hours: Everyday, except Monday, 10.00 – 18.00
Ticket price: Schoolchildren and Students – 1 GEL., Adults – 3 GEL., Guided tour – 15 GEL., Children Archaeology – 5 GEL.
Free admission: Children up to age of 6; Georgian and Foreign Museum staff, ICOM members (cardholders with ID), people with disabilities (upon presentation of valid ID), refugees.

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