Ivane Javakhishvili Gardabani Local Museum Historical (local) Museums

Museum address: Gardabani Municipality, 61, David Agmashenebeli Str., Gardabani
Date of establishment of the museum: 1990
Legal status of the museum: Non-entrepreneurial (non-commercial) legal entity Gardabani Municipality Culture Centre
Museum type (profile): Historical
Quantity of stored items: 2000

Museum collection description: The museum houses materials discovered in Gardabani area (historical Kukheti) during the archaeological excavations dated Stone Age, Bronze Age, antiquity and feudal periods: collections of weapons and implements of the Stone Age, samples of the antiquity period ceramics, silver and cooper crockery of late medieval times, craftsmen instruments, samples of folk clothes, handicrafts and accessories.

Working hours: Everyday, except Monday, 10.00 – 18.00
Ticket price: free
Free admission: Children up to age of 6; Georgian and Foreign Museum staff, ICOM members (cardholders with ID), people with disabilities (upon presentation of valid ID), refugees.

Expositions: “Historical Kukheti”, “Archaeological excavations in Kukheti”, “Georgian folk musical instruments from Museum collection”, “Young archaeologists”.
Educational programmes: “Let’s be aware about our Region History”, “Lesson in Museum”,
Publications: In process of publishing: “Museum Guide, Museum’s scientific works, Gardabani region guide

Total space of the museum: 160 m²
Display space: 100 m²
Temporary exhibition:
Storage space: 30 m²