The project BE MUSEUMER is funded under the Creative Europe - Culture sub-programme of the European Union. The project aims to establish International Training programme designed and focused on long-term education for museum personnel from South Caucasus region (Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan) museums to empower with the knowledge necessary to increase the growth and sustainability of museums in their countries and to strengthen their leadership and management skills responding to the 21st century museum challenges. 

The concept BE MUSEUMER means:
  • To have broad knowledge in museum field
  • To be strong representative of museums
  • To strengthen the role of museums in the society
    To advocate museums and museum professionals.

Programme goals: 
  • provide emerging museum specialists from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan with the skills and knowledge necessary to increase the sustainability and growth of museums
  • develop the capacities of museum professionals, and equip them with relevant up-to-date skills to respond to the needs and challenges of the future
  • Faciliate working environment which encourage openness, collaboration and innovation
  • create an empowered regional network of museum professionals, which will share knowledge, exchange good practice and advocate for the sector
  • broaden the vision and strengthen the professional confidence of the museum workforce to empower them to become agents of change within their organisations and shape the future
  • raise awareness of the value of museums in cultural, social, economic and environmental development, and provide advocacy for the sector to influence national, regional and local policies.
Programme components:
  • Workshops
  • Lectures/Seminars
  • One-to-one mentorship
  • Study visits in museums of South Caucasus regiona
  • Practicums in Amsterdam and Berlin Museums
  • International forum “Museum Talks”
  • Development of manuals
  • Small project proposals by the participants
  • Small scale grants
  • International symposium  

Project Target group
The International Training Programme (ITP) is designed for participants working early to mid-career positions (minimum 2-3 years working experience) in the museums of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan who wish to: 
  • develop their skills and expand their knowledge
  • connect with fellow museum professionals, exchange ideas, learn from each other and create a strong network of peer-to-peer support
  • update themselves on current international trends in the museum sector and gain access to the resources and opportunities
  • explore ways for social impact (on a local and national level)
  • formulate creative solutions for a sustainable development of their museums
  • experiment, seize new opportunities, develop an entrepreneurial spirit and have the courage to take risks.
The project modules cover 14 trainings and 7 webinars on the topic of key issues in museum field (Museum mission, vision, values, leadership, museum education, social and economic value, digital technologies, museum marketing, fundraising, business-culture development, museum services and hospitality, audience development etc.). The programme modules will be delivered by the European leading museum experts.

Call for participation for each of these components will be announced separately.
Lana Karaia, project manager
+995 593 478 164 

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