Georgian Museums Association

Registration date: 17/03/2003
Registered address: 0108, 37, Sh. Rustaveli Ave., Tbilisi, Georgia
Mobile:   +995 577725450, +995 593) 478164
Judicial status: non-governmental, non-profit organization
About organization:
Founded in 2003 GMA is a national service organization of museums and museum professionals which is committed to the needs of museums to support and enhance development of museum field in Georgia on the national, regional and international level. 
Since its establishment major activities of GMA is addressed to create better environment for Georgian museums and develop capacity building projects for museum specialists; to advocate museums and museum professionals, enhance cooperation and cultural dialogue at multiple levels; GMA influences elaboration of museum policy in promoting with professional ethics and standards; encourages young staff to attract into the museum profession and supports Georgian museums to integrate in the European museum space. 
Aims and objectives:
  • To create relevant environment for Georgian museums to foster reforms, modern management and innovations  
  • To support elaboration of museum policy in promoting with professional ethics and standards
  • To support capacity building for museum personnel with seminars, trainings, conferences and symposiums 
  • To advocate museums and museum professionals in Georgia
  • To strengthen the social role of museums in Georgia
  • To encourage scientific researches and educational activities in museums. 
  • To enhance professional cooperation and cultural dialogue on national, regional and international level 
  • To encourage attraction of  young staff into the museum profession
  • To assist presentation of Georgian museums in the European context and support integration in the European museum space

GMA contributes to the both, creating capacity for museum sector and raising of public awareness of museum as a catalyst for social and economic development. In order to achieve its goals GMA closely collaborates with national and European museum institutions and the network of international museum organizations ((ICOM, UNESCO, IIIM, EMF, NML, KulturAgenda etc.) and with public (Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Ajara, Japanese Government - GGP programme, Municipal Development Fund etc.) and private bodies) to support museums at all levels.
  • GMA has active role in elaboration of museum policy in Georgia to create healthy environment for the field  
  • GMA makes mediation for Georgian museums and museum professionals among South Caucasus region museums and with the European museums to ensure the sustainable development of the field development in the country 
  • GMA fosters Georgian museums in their aim to have active networking and collaboration with each other
  • GMA strongly empowers Georgian museums to unveil their educational, social and economic role 
  • GMA reinforces museums to be integrated into the world museum community. 
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